Blake fahmie

Trap / Skeet Shotgun Shooting Lessons

Trick Shooting 

Blake Fahmie has been competitive shooter for the past decade. Over the years, he has worked with several top instructors as well as Olympic champions. Harnessing their teachings, he has developed a method that works and works effectively. Blake Fahmies method has been developed through countless hours of study, practice, and determination. His goal is for you to leave each session with a clear understanding of sound fundamentals, efficiency of gun movement, visual focus and correct mental focus. Whether you are looking to take your shooting to the next level or just want to learn the basics, Blake Fahmie’s method will take you as far as you want to go. 



Beginner to Advanced Shooting Lessons Available.

 Blake Fahmie works with hundreds of shooters a year. Many of which have never shot clays before in their life. His goal is for a new shooter to feel safe and comfortable handling a shotgun.